3D Character Artist (Unreal)

Interverse is looking for a super creative and experienced 3D artist to help us create unique 3D avatars that can be used as Non-Player characters within Unreal Engine. The successful candidate will be an integral part of the designing team and has the creative freedom to bring to life amazing visual characters that will be offered as NFTs and deployed as Non-Player Characters inside the Metaverse/Web3 games. We need an artist that can bring a high level of creativity and the ability to design in various visual styles that our partners uphold as a brand (stylized, pixelated, polygon style etc..). You will work closely with our market and product team in a full-time position that is fully remote.

Please contact us at jobs@interverse.ai to apply.
  • Design and create unique virtual avatars that can be used as Non-Player Characters within Unreal Engine with Unreal and supplemental software; 
  • Create basic mouth and facial morphs/targets to the virtual characters to enable mouth movement when speaking;
  • Work with our development team to improve our Unreal SDK for voice integration and automated animations;
  • Experienced with Blueprints (C++ would be a big plus);
  • Optimize real-time and offline rendering pipeline solutions;
  • Execute quality improvement testing and activities;
  • Bug reporting, tracking, and resolutions;
  • Maintain standards for reliability and performance of production.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Amazing creativity to design 3D virtual characters (we give the freedom to put it work);
  • Traditional 3D animation pipeline experience
  • 2+ years of experience in Unreal Engine;
  • 2+ years of experience in Blueprint (bonus for C++ programming);
  • Fun to work with.
What we offer:
  • Great salary or project based retainer + bonuses
  • Full creativity freedom to create something unique
  • Hyper growth as an individual in a fast moving company;
  • Be a key figure in an exciting new project;
  • Remote, informal and highly motivated team mates;
  • Travel opportunities to visit Web3 events/conferences.
About us:

Interverse is a fully remote voice and blockchain technology company headquartered in the Netherlands. After years of developing custom voice tech and AI solutions for Enterprises such as T-Mobile, Verizon & Vuzix, we now aim to build the Web3 infrastructure for voice technology.

Our first mission is to make every visit to the Metaverse feel unique, exciting and engaging by helping Metaverse Creators to populate their virtual worlds with Intelligent Non-Player Characters (iNPC) that can interact with players using our conversational AI (think of shop assistants, onboarding agents, guides, entertainers etc…).

We have an interest from 25+ metaverse creators, partnered with companies such as ReadyPlayerMe, Polygon, Avalanche and Odyssey & backed by Genblock, Chimera Capital, Compute Ventures, Deep Ventures and more.

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